Hemisphere Sidetable – pure cork

SKU: 0765643743911


Digitization is entering our private living space – constant, global interconnectedness is breaking down the boundaries of space and time. This furniture piece mirrors everyday habits through contrary functions in order to direct the attention to the present moment. 

The HEMISPHERE SIDE TABLE combines productivity with recreation: whether as a functional side table, flexible work space or decorative installation – it is not just a piece of furniture but individually convertible. 

In full color, the HEMISPHERE makes a statement with a durable, water-based lacquer coating – non-toxic and harmless also for children. From marsh yellow to true blue or cool grey – colors that act as eyecatchers or traditional hues that blend in with the living space. 

Cork is aesthetically pleasing and provides a comfortable haptic experience (even with a coat of lacquer!) that will delight lovers of natural raw materials. The non-painted version is also coated with a light protective layer of waterbased lacquer and can be wiped down with a damp cloth. However, the natural flair is retained, so that some staining may be possible. 

Design by Pia Regenbrecht

Weight 10,00 kg
44,5 x 44,5 x 61,5 cm
100% sustainable cork from Portugal
Painted by hand with water based eco firiendly color

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